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CAS HSG Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Managers

About us


With its explicit focus on developing data-driven innovations as well as the data-driven transformation of organizations, the program offers a unique learning experience. Deeply rooted in the University of St.Gallen footprint in business engineering and transformation and completed by state-of-the-art expertise of the university’s big data and artificial intelligence experts, the program equips participants with all business-related, technical and legal knowledge to make a difference in their organization and become true leaders in the data-driven transformation.

For reaching this overarching goal, the program builds on four overarching themes:

  1. The data-driven organization and competing on analytics (module 1)
  2. Organizational, technical and legal pre-requisites for managing data as strategic asset (module 2)
  3. Gaining practical experience in implementing big data & artificial intelligence algorithms (module 3)
  4. Building scalable organizational structure for big data & artificial intelligence (module 4)

Across all modules, participants gain hands-on experience in developing and implementing a data-driven innovation project from data collection to implementing a scalable operating model under supervision of HSG lecturers, industry experts and other participants (module 5).


The CAS intends to employ a balanced set of lecturers originating from HSG’s management and new computer science faculty. Also, lecturers other renowned institutions and industry are integrated in a systematic fashion:


The University of St. Gallen in Switzerland is widely known as a very prestigious business school. Its reputation is unrivalled in the German-speaking countries. For decades it has been the recognised centre for developing private and public sector leaders. The University of St. Gallen has a long and rich history of analysing and innovating management from a cross-functional and interdisciplinary point of view. It was the first German-speaking university accredited according to AACSB and the European EQUIS standards. Founded in 1898, it now hosts some 8,500 students. High above St. Gallen in spacious rooms, flooded with light, executive education becomes a truly special experience.

The Executive Campus HSG is a venue for executive education courses, seminars, conventions, but also for producing innovations, strategies, being creative and meeting up with others. In addition to the modern executive education centre, the HSG Alumni House is a high-quality building for course attendees to stay in.

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