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CAS HSG Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Managers

Course details

Your benefits

  • Learn to speak data science and (generative) artificial intelligence

  • Be equipped with a toolbox for data and (generative) AI use cases that helps you improve your daily business

  • Utilize data to develop innovative data-driven business solutions and (generative) AI applications that enhance decision-making

  • Learn how to build scalable data-driven organizations that excel

Duration and fee

16 on-campus days in five modules in a sixth-month time frame. The tuition fee for the program is CHF 17,990. This covers all lectures and materials as well as catering during the program (coffee breaks and lunch), and social events. Travel expenses and accommodation are not included in the tuition fee. Special conditions apply for groups of participants from a single company.

Early bird discount

There will be an early bird discount of 5% granted on the tuition fee for applicants, who turn in their online application at least 6 months prior to the course start.


Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Managers of the University of St. Gallen; Zertifikat (CAS-HSG) der Universität St. Gallen.

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The following modules belong to the “CAS HSG Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Managers” and require your personal attendance. Therefore they can not be visited separately:

January 28th, 2025 – January 31st, 2025
Executive Campus HSG

Learn how organizations can create business value with data analytics and (generative) artificial intelligence and how to develop data-driven business innovations.


  • Marco Wüst

February 24th, 2025 – February 27th, 2025
Executive Campus HSG

Manage data as a strategic resource for decision-making, business solutions, and fuel for (generative) AI. Get an understanding of large language models, the big data landscape, the infrastructure for cloud applications, and practical experiences in data engineering.


April 1st, 2025 – April 4th, 2025
Executive Campus HSG

A hands-on introduction to data science, machine learning and deep learning. You will address fundamental concepts for data-driven decision making and automation investigating real-world AI use cases.


June 3rd, 2025 – June 6th, 2025
Campus E – Hotel Einstein

Learn to build a data and AI strategy and to establish effective and scalable management structures for data analytics, data science and (generative) AI.


Individual Data & AI Innovation Project

Ongoing individual project (at home, at work, etc.)

Apply all concepts and approaches from the CAS in your individual project under the supervision of our big data and artificial intelligence experts.