Dr. Clemens Pirker

Data & Analytics Strategy Head at Migros

Advanced Analytics in Marketing and Retail





Dr. Clemens Pirker is currently the Head of Data Strategy at Migros Group, where he leads the Data Strategy/Retail team. With over 15 years of international experience in Consumer Goods and Retail spanning B2B, B2C, and consulting, he has demonstrated a robust track record in fostering a data-driven organizational culture. Prior to his role at Migros, Clemens held significant positions at Swarovski, Danone, W.L. Gore, and HYVE. During his tenure at Swarovski, he served as the Vice President of Intelligence and the Director of Global CRM and Advanced Analytics for B2B, where he developed and implemented global CRM strategies and spearheaded advanced analytics initiatives.

Clemens earned his doctoral degree in Social Sciences, specializing in Marketing, Management Accounting, and Statistics from the University of Innsbruck. He also pursued International Business Studies from the same institution. His passion for education extends to his teaching roles as an External Lecturer at both the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and the University of Innsbruck. He shares his industry insights and learnings with executive professionals and master’s students, covering topics such as Big Data, AI, Marketing, and Branding. Furthermore, Clemens is a frequent presenter at international conferences and has numerous publications focusing on Analytics, Digital Marketing, and Sales.