Prof. Dr. Benjamin Van Giffen

Assistant Professor for Information Management & Head of Research Lab Management of AI

Management of AI, Digital Innovation, Human-Centered Design



Online Research Profile


+41 71 224 3635

Prof. Dr. Benjamin van Giffen is Assistant Professor for Information Management and heads the Research Lab for the Management of Artificial Intelligence at the Information Management at University of St.Gallen (IWI-HSG).

He researches the strategic and managerial issues in the design, scaling and operation of AI-driven information systems. His areas of research include the management of AI in business organizations, digital innovation with AI, as well as human-centered innovation of AI systems.

In the academic community, he serves as associate editor and reviewer for various journals and conferences. He regularly organizes networking and community events. His research projects have been funded by the Swiss Innovation agency, as well as leading national and global firms.

Before joining academia, he held different roles in IT-project and compliance management within a global pharmaceutical manufacturing firm, where he also served as manager for the sales & operations planning processes of six sales regions and five manufacturing plants in Europe.