Scale Up Big Data & AI

Learn to build a data and AI strategy and to establish effective and scalable management structures for data analytics, data science and (generative) AI.

Scale Up Big Data & AI2024-05-10T16:37:05+02:00

Machine Learning & AI Bootcamp

A hands-on introduction to data science, machine learning and deep learning. You will address fundamental concepts for data-driven decision making and automation investigating real-world AI use cases.

Machine Learning & AI Bootcamp2024-05-10T15:31:52+02:00

Data as a Strategic Asset

Manage data as a strategic resource for decision-making, business solutions, and fuel for (generative) AI. Get an understanding of large language models, the big data landscape, the infrastructure for cloud applications, and practical experiences in data engineering.

Data as a Strategic Asset2024-05-10T16:40:31+02:00

The Data-Driven Organization

Learn how organizations can create business value with data analytics and (generative) artificial intelligence and how to develop data-driven business innovations.

The Data-Driven Organization2024-05-10T16:41:22+02:00