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  1. Becoming an effective data and (generative) AI leader
  2. Implementing scalable data and (generative) AI strategies
  3. Bringing data and (generative) AI commercially viable and ethically responsible into the organization
  4. Learning project management for data and (generative) AI
  5. Designing organizational and operationals structures for data and (generative) AI
  6. Setting up effective communication and reporting


While many companies have engaged in starting first big data and (generative) AI pilots, only very few have managed to scale up their analytics operations to build a data-driven organization. This is what we tackle in this module. We equip you to become an effective data and (generative AI) leader. By learning how to bring data and AI commercially viable and ethically responsible into your organization, you ensure that the implemented strategies are scalable and sustainable. Our toolset includes project management practices and research methods to develop and validate data and (generative) AI projects (e.g., A/B Testing). Finally, we investigate approaches for developing scalable organizational structures for big data and artificial intelligence and data labs, and how the results are communicated effectively.

After the module, participants…

  • are equipped to become effective data & AI leaders.

  • can develop and implement scalable data and AI strategies for bringing data and AI into action in a commercially viable and ethically responsible fashion.

  • know good project management practices for data and (generative) AI.

  • can design organizational and operational structures and processes to establish operational excellence in data and (generative) AI.

  • can set up effective communication practices to initiate and support their organization’s change and transformation process.